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Green Environmental Protection

The company adheres to the connotation development way, manages the development, pursues the economic benefit, the social benefit and the environmental ecology benefit organic unification. In recent years, efforts have been made to increase technological transformation, energy saving, safety and environmental protection work, forming its own unique development model of circular economy.
Company adhere to zero technical innovation, efficiency and effectiveness of project construction is very significant; the introduction of MVR evaporator technology with the advanced level in the world, and continue to promote energy-saving technological transformation, reduce the level of energy consumption per unit of product; vigorously implement cleaner production, the first in the industry through the ISO14000/18000 system certification; all construction projects of "three simultaneous" formalities complete, and continue to increase pollution control efforts, the first to build a low temperature plasma exhaust odor control system in the industry, the stability and pollutant emissions. The green development level of enterprises has been continuously improved.

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