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Cultivation Idea

Select Employees

Respect for knowledge, identity education, but not the degree of education as the sole criterion for measuring ability
Good conduct, high sense of responsibility, honesty and diligence are the main criteria for selecting candidates
Working as the center, pay attention to the heart, work hard, never meet the status quo of young people

Educating People

Advocate positive energy, build healthy atmosphere, pay attention to staff conduct education, the purpose is to make Thai employees become social needs, the company can develop physical and mental health talents
Create an open, simple, fair internal competition atmosphere, to promote the continuous improvement of staff skills, so that employees believe that in Thailand, as long as the work will be able to get positive

Make Use Of Personnel

Reflect the principle of competition, and resolutely get rid of internal competition system promotion according to status, capable, Yongzhe ", encourage everyone to ban the lazy, content with the idea
Lifelong learning is advocated, the company provides diversified opportunities for training, learning and development. In the actual work, the training and training of talents are carried out, and the ranks of cadres and staff are always kept high

Make one success

Shengtai aims to build one hundred enterprises, do health, is the aim of the company for a long time, the development of the enterprise is closely connected with the development of the individual, shengtai for each employee to provide "platform to show themselves and realize self".

Shengtai has the courage to inspire and reward the contributors. Cars, bonuses, promotions, training and learning, etc., are tilted to the strivers and contributors through various means.

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